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The Accountable Care Learning Collaborative is now the Institute for Advancing Health Value

About Us

Welcome to the Institute for Advancing Health Value!

We have a new name and a new look! The Accountable Care Learning Collaborative is excited to announce that we are now the Institute for Advancing Health Value. Our new name represents our evolution from a peer-learning organization to one that blends peer learning with workforce development and dynamic market intelligence in the area of value-based care.



Individuals from Provider organizations have FREE membership with the Institute. Provider organizations are those that deliver direct patient care and include hospitals, provider groups, IDNs, CINS, ACOs, etc.



Our exclusive complimentary publications are available for download. Each brief extensively covers value-based care topics such as health equity, Medicare Advantage, and bundled payment models. 



Join Dr. Eric Weaver, Executive Director and Daniel Chipping, Director, Operations as they interview top executives, physicians, and entrepreneurs leading the transformation to health value.  

Our Focus

The Institute for Advancing Health Value (the Institute) is a non-profit organization focused on accelerating the transition to health value. When you join the Institute, you’ll gain the strategies and practical tools you need to drive value-based care and population health initiatives.

The Institute Delivers

Workforce development opportunities

A community of value-minded peers

Unmatched market intelligence in health value

Are You a Value-Minded Healthcare Professional?

We are here to support you every step of the way. You can commit to health value and:

Introducing the Institute for Advancing Health Value

The Institute has emerged from the Accountable Care Learning Collaborative to accelerate our collective journey toward realizing true value across the entire healthcare landscape.

Eric Weaver, DHA, MHA

Executive Director, The Institute

Together We Can Improve Our Healthcare System

“Educating and reskilling the workforce is central to the success of the value movement. The Institute is committed to advancing the knowledge and competency of the health industry; and our educational products, research, and peer learning collaborative accelerates industry readiness. We believe in the moral imperative for value-based care, and through our social impact, we are a force multiplier for population health and health equity”

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