Guidelines for the Institute for Advancing Health Value Community


The Institute for Advancing Health Value (the Institute or we) is pleased to host the premier virtual community platform (“Community”) for value-minded professionals! The Community is a place for the Institute members to collaborate and communicate organically, help build and maintain connections, access intelligence aligned with value-based care competencies, and provide increased opportunities for engagement.

The Community includes the online Membership Portal.

In order to meet the goals of this Community, it’s important for members and visitors to feel like they are in a safe place that is populated by people with shared interests. As such, we request that you read and adhere to the information and guidelines that follow.

  • The Institute Community promotes a professional, respectful, and courteous atmosphere.
  • Treat others online as you would treat them in person.
  • Be tolerant towards others’ viewpoints– we value diverse opinions–respectfully disagree when your opinions do not align.
  • Respect the privacy and personal information of other members and Community guests.
  • Do not sell or share what you see in the Community.

We will not tolerate any harassment or hateful conduct, including discrimination, hate speech, bullying, or targeted attacks. Any of those or the following may result in loss of membership.

Members Will Not:

  • Make defamatory remarks or false statements against others
  • Make personal attacks on other Community members or guests
  • Post or send profanity
  • Bully or make inflammatory remarks to other Community members or guests
  • Spam and scam other members or guests
  • Post any sexual content or nudity
  • Post or send violent content
  • Share private information that is not yours to share

Copyright infringement & plagiarism:

While we encourage members to share articles and information that others may find valuable, we must respect and comply with copyright laws. When sharing articles and information:

  • Post a link to the source(s) and use your own words when describing the article or information rather than copying, pasting, or posting from the original content.
  • Do not post information you did not create without receiving permission from and providing proper attribution to the owner(s) and/or author/source (if that is what the owner requires when the permission was provided).
  • Confirm that your actions do not run contrary to any license agreement or other terms and conditions of use.
  • Do not share documents that you do not have permission to share.

Messaging responsibly:

The messaging function should be used to connect with other members and is intended to help facilitate networking and to promote common interests. We expect messaging in Community to be:

  • Free of unsolicited sales messages to other members or guests
  • Free of spam
  • Consistent with the general communication guidelines for the Institute Community


We will monitor and contribute to Community activity but may not see every comment or action. However, we will act when we see, or receive a report of, someone violating these guidelines. Consequences may include giving someone a warning or revoking Community access.

We request that all Community members report inappropriate behavior that violates these guidelines via the “Objectionable” button or directly to or another Institute staff member.


Community Guidelines are subject to change at any time and, while updates may be communicated in the Community, it is the responsibility of members to stay apprised of and adhere to the posted Community Guidelines. Your continued participation in the Community following any such change constitutes your acknowledgement of such change and agreement to follow and be bound by the updated Community Guidelines.


By logging onto the Institute Community and activating your profile, you agree to abide by the guidelines listed above.

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