Individual Membership

Become a Member and Influence Change in Value-Based Healthcare

Our members are value-minded professionals throughout the healthcare industry and include individuals representing a multitude of stakeholders.

Individual Member Types

We offer individual membership to the following:

  1. Individuals who are employed by:
    • Provider organizations (deliver patient care) – sign up for free here
    • Non-profit organizations – sign up here
  2. Other – sign up here
    • Students
    • Retired
    • Self-Employed

Additional details for each membership type are listed below.

WGU Students & Employees receive free membership, see below for more information.

We do not currently offer individual memberships to those that work at for-profit Industry partner organizations (for-profit associations, consultants, health plans, life sciences, vendors, etc.) – see Enterprise Membership options here!

We offer multiple types of Individual Memberships, see options below. Click here to learn more about membership benefits. Not sure which membership option is right for you? Contact us!

Individuals who are employed by:

Provider Organizations

Provider organizations deliver direct patient care and include hospitals, provider groups, IDNs, CINS, ACOs, etc.

Yearly membership dues: FREE

Sign up for a Provider Individual Membership

Non-profit Organizations

Non-profit organizations are mission-driven and include academia, foundations, policy, research, government, advocacy, etc.

Yearly membership dues: $300

Sign up for a Non-profit Individual Membership

Other Individual Member Options


Individuals who are not employed by a for-profit industry partner organization and do not employ other staff. See enterprise membership if employed here.

Yearly membership dues: $400

Sign up for a Self-employed Individual Membership


Individuals who have retired from the industry but would like to stay informed on health value and connected to a value-minded community.

Yearly membership dues: $150

Sign up for a Retired Individual Membership


Students in all programs are welcome to be part of the Institute. We have offerings specifically for students, such as student-only groups, job boards, and resources.

Yearly membership dues: $100

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WGU Employees & Students

WGU employees and students receive membership for free. You must register with your WGU email address. Membership will expire upon leaving WGU or graduation.


Note: we do not currently offer individual memberships to those that work at for-profit industry partner organizations (for-profit associations, consultants, health plans, life sciences, vendors, etc.) — check out our Enterprise Membership options here!

Member Resources

Institute resources are all housed in the online community platform.

Resources include:

  • Health Value Atlas
    The Health Value Atlas is the seminal resource intended to help the health care industry identify and prioritize care delivery competencies necessary for success under risk-based payment. It is a revision and improvement of the original list of competencies that was published as the Accountable Care Atlas. Click here for Health Value Atlas
  • Case Studies
    Each case study is a brief document highlighting a specific provider organization’s effort in developing a specific value-based capability. Want to engage the community on this topic? Join the group
  • Intelligence Briefs
    Each intelligence brief is an analysis of key value-based market activity, or payment-model updates. Click here to see our list of recent and upcoming publications. Click here to produce a brief with us!
  • Whitepapers and tools
    Our whitepapers, slide decks, and tools are the result of convening groups of industry experts for in-depth discussion and peer-learning on a specific organizational capability. Click here to access.
  • Assessments
    Our assessments measure individual and organizational proficiency in health value, provide VBC education to respondents, and prepare leaders and workforce to identify needed organizational capabilities and individual competencies. Click here to learn more or start taking the assessment
  • On-Demand Videos
    Each webinar, peer learning session, or other meeting is recorded and made available for members to access. Subscribe to our YouTube Channel
  • Events
    The Institute hosts a number of peer learning, collaborative, and educational events throughout the year, both exclusive to members and in partnership with other groups committed to health value. Check out our upcoming events
  • Community
    The Health Value Learning Collaborative is a community that provides the opportunity for networking with peers, organic conversation, and collaboration with peer groups around topics important to your organization’s strategic priorities in health value.