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November 30 (Pre-Event) 

7:00pm ET – Screening and Discussion: The Color of Care 

Produced by Oprah Winfrey’s Harpo Productions and directed by Oscar-nominated and Emmy-winning director Yance Ford, The Color of Care chronicles how people of color suffer from systemically substandard healthcare in the U.S. and how COVID-19 exposed the tragic consequences of this inequity.

Join us afterward for an important conversation with Keith Gambrell, whose father was the inspiration for the Color of Care.

December 1 (Event Day)

9:00am ET – Welcome and Opening Remarks 

Eric Weaver, Executive Director, Institute for Advancing Health Value 

9:15 ET – Opening Keynote: Policies Evolving Equity in Value-Based Care 

Dr. Dora Hughes, Chief Medical Officer, CMMI
Join an in-depth exploration of the most recent updates from CMMI as they are finalizing details on their strategy refresh to prioritize equity in value-based payment models.  

10:00am ET – Panel DISCUSSION: Health Plan Tactics for Health Equity

Gain insight into how regional payers are driving equity through value-based care. Panelists include:

  • Heather O’Toole, Chief Medical Officer, SelectHealth
  • Edwin Estevez, Market President, Value-Based Care, Prominence Health Plan
  • Danielle Lloyd, Senior VP of Private Market Innovations and Quality Initiatives, AHIP (Moderator)

10:45am ET – Break (15 Minutes)

Remember to play the game (get points and win prizes) and network with your value- and equity-minded peers.

11:00am ET – Panel Discussion: Health Equity Data Reporting and Analytics

Learn how providers are reshaping processes for tracking, analyzing and reporting data so that equity is the outcome of their value-based care work. Panelists include:

  • Jay Bhatt, Executive Director, Deloitte Health Equity Institute
  • Aneesh Chopra, President, Care Journey
  • Tamra Ruyman, Chief of Digital Health, PSW (Moderator)

11:45pm ET – Concurrent Sessions (Choose One) 

Defending Against a Hidden Threat to Health Equity: How to Identify and Mitigate Algorithmic Bias

Many algorithms used widely today for these healthcare decisions have well-documented racial biases that will actually exacerbate health disparities if undetected or unaddressed.

In this session, Andrew Eye, CEO and co-founder of ClosedLoop, will discuss why healthcare organizations must evaluate all algorithms for bias and unfairness before they are deployed. He will also present analytic tools and metrics for detecting bias and unfairness that were developed by ClosedLoop in consultation with leading academic researchers at UC Berkeley and Tufts University and contributed to ClosedLoop’s winning the 2021 CMS AI Health Outcomes Challenge. 

Equity in the Healthcare Workforce

Aligning Value-Based Payments With Health Equity – A Framework for Reforming Payment Reforms

12:15pm ET – KEYNOTE: Health Equity Strategic Planning for Advanced APMs

Dr. Pham will share her journey of discovery to understanding the intersectionality of inequity, and how building a healthcare system that addresses the needs of the most disadvantaged populations creates a more resilient system that supports better health and life outcomes for everyone.


Remember to play the game (get points and win prizes) as well as network with your value- and equity-minded peers. 

1:30pm ET – Panel Discussion: Providing for Social Determinants of Health 

Providers are aligning care with what matters most for patients’ health. Learn how leaders are addressing social determinants of health to break down disparities in care.  

  • Lerla Joseph, CEO, CVCHIP
  • Mandy Cohen, CEO, Aledade Care Solutions
  • Philly Laptiste, Chief People Officer, C3 (Moderator)

2:15pm ET – Concurrent Sessions (choose one)  

Providers and Payers Can Help Close the Benefits Gap – Tapping Unutilized Government Resources Available to Underserved and Marginalized Populations

Culturally Competent Workforce

Gender-Affirming Healthcare is Simply Good Healthcare

Transgender and gender-diverse individuals have been under attack across the United States. Trans people have been marginalized and pathologized, while gender-affirming care providers have been targeted. As a result, myths and disinformation have been rampant.  
This presentation will first focus on the clinical importance of gender-affirming care. The presentation will focus on Transhealth as an exemplar. An independent health center that prioritizes recognizing the whole person, empowering others, fostering family connection, remaining transparent, and allowing for multiple voices at the table. 
Dallas will introduce a novel clinical model. One which enhances the delivery of care and increases care for the whole person. This presentation will focus on caring for the patient and the team. Special attention will be focused on the value of comprehensive healthcare, providing ancillary affirming services, and the importance of creating a trauma-informed workplace. 
Building off this clinical model, we will reflect on how effective affirming care can empower and open new pathways for the patient. After discussing good clinical care, we will focus on research, advocacy, and education. While this model is based on gender-affirming care, this will be an opportunity to examine how Transhealth can be a model for all of healthcare, one that is patient-centered and based on the human story. 

2:45pm ET – Break (15 MINUTES)

Remember to play the game (get points and win prizes) as well as network with your value- and equity-minded peers. 

3:00pm ET – Panel: Empowered Patients and Health Equity 

Patients and family members are literally fighting for healthcare and losing! They suffer immense and innumerable wrongs from a system that is intended to CARE for them. Hear powerful stories and insights that will drive home the need for value to align with equity.  

  • Kistein Monkhouse, Founder, Patient Orator (Moderator)
  • Maria Estela Mata-Carcamo, President and Co-founder, Looms for Lupus
  • Juana Mata, Children’s Social Worker and Co-founder, Looms for Lupus
  • Teresa Wright-Johnson

3:45pm ET – Closing Keynote: Achieving Health Equity Through Transformation and Innovation

Dr. J. Nwando Olayiwola, Chief Health Equity Officer, Humana
Ms. Nwando Olayiwola is a family physician and the inaugural Chief Health Equity Officer of Humana. She is a champion for diversity, equity and inclusion in healthcare and beyond and the proud author of Minority Women Professionals (MWPs) are MVPs. She is the founder of the Association of Minority Women Professionals (AMWP) & Inspire Health Solutions, LLC, which began the very successful national MWPs are MVPs conference series and professional development program in 2017.

4:45pm ET – Closing Remarks

Eric Weaver, Executive Director, Institute for Advancing Health Value

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