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Race to Value™ Podcast

In the Race to Value podcast, leaders from the Institute for Advancing Health Value interview the top health care executives, clinicians and entrepreneurs to discuss health care’s value economy.

Race to Value™ is the show to connect you with other health care leaders working to create better value in health, including provider organizations, health plans, pharmaceutical and life science firms, health information technology firms, medical device manufacturers, and a multitude of other stakeholders. We are the ideal resource for leaders of health care organizations looking to transition to and thrive in the new reality of value-based care.

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Health Value Atlas

Health Value Atlas is a dynamic tool that maps organizational capabilities in health-value with capability-specific resources.

The Health Value Atlas is the seminal resource intended to help the health care industry identify and prioritize care delivery competencies necessary for success under risk-based payment. It is a revision and improvement of the original list of competencies that was published as the Accountable Care Atlas.

Health Value Atlas

Case Studies

Each case study is a brief document highlighting a specific provider organization’s effort in developing a specific value-based capability.

Learn from other provider organizations who have implemented a value-based capability. Members have access to a library of resources in our member community site. Sample topics include:

  • Integrating Pharmacy into Primary Care
  • Housing & Health Equity
  • Technology-Enabled Behavioral Health Care
  • Hospital at Home
  • Remote Patient Monitoring
  • Clinician Wellness Related to Organizational Wellness
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Intelligence Briefs

Each intelligence brief is an analysis of key value-based market activity, or payment-model updates.

Here are some recent intelligence brief overview summaries. Members have access to a library of resources in our member community site.

  • CMS Releases 2020 MSSP ACO Results, Marking Fourth Consecutive Year of Net Savings to Medicare
  • Women in Medicine: The Value Proposition of Gender Equity
  • Comparison of Major Commercial Payers’ Value Strategies
  • Social Determinants of Health and Value: Part III, The Future of SDOH
  • Revealing Value? Hospital Price Transparency

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Whitepapers and Tools

Our whitepapers, slide decks and tools are the result of convening groups of industry experts for in-depth discussion and peer-learning on a specific organizational capability.

We have created several whitepapers, slide decks and tools based on the below topics. Members have access to a library of resources in our member community site. Sample topics include:

  • Vision for a Coordinated Care Network
  • Skills and Mindsets of Successful ACO Leadership Teams
  • State of Value analysis
  • Leadership Team Assessment
  • Leaders Change Leadership Reference Guide
  • Coordinate Care Network Model, Assessment & Target Behaviors
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Assessments measure individual and/or organizational proficiency in health value. Assessments may also be used as educational tools.

Health Value Atlas Assessment

The Health Atlas Assessment is designed to allow value-minded professionals a simple way to understand their organization’s journey to health value. Consistent with the capabilities in the Health Value Atlas, the assessment measures how you and others across your organization feel about the organization’s ability to apply health-value principles. Aggregated, de-identified data will be made available to survey respondents via an online portal. Organizational benchmarking will be made available at a later date.

  1. Access the assessment at link below.
  2. View your results (look for an email from theinstitute-chp@wgu.edu)
  3. Provide Feedback:
    • Via this short survey:
    • Also, please schedule a feedback conversation with us here.
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On-Demand Videos

Each webinar, peer learning session, or other meeting is recorded and made available for members to access.

See what other peers and experts have to say about all things value-based care. Members have access to a library of resources in our member community site. You can subscribe to our YouTube Channel to see our library of videos.

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The Institute hosts a number of peer learning, collaborative and educational events throughout the year, both exclusive to members and in partnership with other groups. The Institute hosts a wide range of events each year. Stay tuned to upcoming event announcements here.


The Institute for Advancing Health Value’s Community is a community that provides the opportunity for networking with peers, organic conversation, and collaboration with peer groups around topics important to your organization’s strategic priorities in health value.

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