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We live in an evolving world fraught with economic instability, geopolitical shifting, pandemic malaise, and [...]

The Charge to Lead in Addressing Inequity

February is Black History Month, and it is a time for us to pay tribute [...]

Top 10 Health- and Value-Related Podcasts

The work of advancing health value and improving outcomes for patients never stops. The pace [...]

Breaking Value-Based Care: Why a New Drug has the Potential to Undermine Recent Efforts to Lower Healthcare Costs

Dear Colleagues, Like me, many of you have been closely monitoring the circumstances surrounding Aduhelm (aducanumab), the medication [...]

Global and Professional Direct Contracting: A Starter Checklist to Prepare for DCE Partnerships

Dear Colleagues, When CMS announced in April that they were pausing new applications for the Global [...]

Next Steps in Value: CMMI Reaffirms Commitment to Healthcare Payment Transformation

Dear Colleagues, The past 15 months have been a very dynamic period in our history – from [...]