Top 10 Health- and Value-Related Podcasts

The work of advancing health value and improving outcomes for patients never stops. The pace of information flow is so brisk, it can be a struggle to keep up with the latest information, emerging trends, and thought leaders in value-based care.

So I thought I’d offer you my ‘Top 10’ list of health-related podcasts (in no particular order). These streams help me stay up to date and represent a diversity of opinions and topics, all thoughtful and relevant to the work of the Institute for Advancing Health Value.

  • The ZDoggMD Show (Zubin Damania) Once compared to Sasha Baron Cohen’s character Ali G, Dr. Damania is a UCSF/Stanford-trained internist who experienced the challenges of practicing medicine firsthand and transformed himself into a parodist. His content includes both videos and live shows, and he is an in-demand speaker who is passionate about improving healthcare.
  • Relentless Health Value (Stacey Richter) The mission of this podcast is to “help transform healthcare by fostering collaboration and breaking down silos.” Stacy’s podcasts have a crisp, succinct style and while typically around a half hour or less, are always thought-provoking. I appreciate how she can frequently make the linkage between points made by different guests at different times, so one listen often leads to another.
  • Point Health (Steven Cutbirth) Focused on solution-finding for healthcare, Point Health channels their organizational focus on making healthcare easier to understand into the topics and speakers featured on their engaging podcast. Their recent podcast on “What healthcare can learn from StubHub and Baseball” was as entertaining as it was informative.
  • Fixing Healthcare (Robert Pearl) Never one to shy away from a challenge or a tough conversation, Dr. Pearl has a “podcast with a plan” to solve the biggest problems in American healthcare, now in its sixth season.
  • Gist Healthcare Daily (Alexandra Olgin) Released daily in segments of 10 minutes or less, this podcast is essential for keeping up with the latest in healthcare policy and business news. Listening to Alex is a great way to get up to date as I start my day.
  • Creating a New Healthcare (Zeev Neurwirth) This bi-weekly podcast focuses on the needs of the consumer in value-based healthcare transformation. His recent “Master Class” on consumer experience is a must-listen for anyone interested in a new approach to employer-based healthcare.
  • One on One (Eric Topol) Previously voted as the “#1 most influential physician leader in the US”, Dr. Topol interviews leading researchers and thought leaders in healthcare worldwide. Although they are produced intermittently, I’m always eager to listen to a new release from Dr. Topol.
  • Becker’s Healthcare Podcast Becker’s produces a variety of topical podcasts (from women’s leadership to cardiology), but my favorite is their flagship podcast, which features various thought leaders in US healthcare. Podcasts are released regularly, but at around 15 minutes or less each, I can always find time to listen to the latest insights of their guests.
  • A Second Opinion (Bill Frist) As both a surgeon and a US Senator, Dr. Frist has had a major impact on healthcare in the US. His podcast topics include policy, technology, and leadership and often features clinician innovators who are at the forefront of making change happen.
  • Race to Value (Eric Weaver and Daniel Chipping) And of course, I would be remiss if I didn’t mention our own Race to Value podcast. Each week, we thoughtfully engage with top executives, physicians, other health professionals, and entrepreneurs who are leading the transformation to health value. I encourage you to stop by and listen to one of our recent episodes or follow us on social media for clips of each episode.

Obviously, this list is not exhaustive and narrowing down to just 10 was a challenge because there are so many good podcasts out there. While these are some of my current favorites, I am always on the lookout for new information sources.

So which podcasts keep you engaged and informed? We’d love to hear from you – tag us on LinkedIn!

Warm Regards,
Eric Weaver, DHA, MHA
Executive Director, Institute for Advancing Health Value