Creating a Winning Strategy for Value: Contracting Directly with Employers, featuring SoNE HEALTH

June 21, 2022

For this peer learning session, our discussion focused on the case study, Solution-Focused Contracting with Employers Delivers Improved Value: SoNE HEALTH.

Building on their success as an ACO in MSSP, leadership at SoNE HEALTH is improving the value equation for stakeholders by eliminating administrative waste in the healthcare system and directly courting employers and purchasers. SoNE HEALTH delivers a value proposition to employers and consumers at a time of acute need for workforce retention, one that essentially provided employees at one employer partner an immediate pay raise by lowering healthcare premiums and out of pocket cost-sharing, all while delivering exceptional quality of care.

Featured speakers:

  • Lisa Trumble, President and Chief Executive Officer, SoNE HEALTH
  • Michael McHale, Chief Operating Officer, SoNE HEALTH
  • John Sunde, Chief Contracting Officer, SoNE HEALTH
  • Laurel Pickering, Centivo
Watch the Session