Delivering Equity + Value: Transforming Care for Multi-Visit Patients

April 26, 2022

About this Event

Multi-Visit Patients (“MVPs”) experience expensive, recurrent care that fails to deliver value. Repeated cycles of low-value care should be viewed as a systems failure and an indicator of structural and systemic inequity in our healthcare delivery system.

There is a way to deliver high-value care to MVPs: view recurrent utilization as a symptom, and, just as we do for any other symptom, identify first what is causing the symptom, and then focus efforts on addressing the root cause in order to resolve the symptom. This is the core paradigm shift of the nationally-recognized MVP Method, which is the method that Harris Health has used over the past 3 years to transform care for MVPs.

We discuss the impact of transforming care for MVPs from the developer of the MVP Method, Dr Amy Boutwell, and the Administrative Champion of the MVP Initiative at Harris Health, Priya Khatri.

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