Creating High-Value Care for Seniors Through Geriatric Emergency Department

June 21, 2022

About this Event

With the mission of lowering the cost of healthcare and enabling seniors to age in place, the Value Base Acute Care team at the West Health institute created and tested a toolkit to connect Value Base Care Organizations (VBCOs) and Geriatric Emergency Departments (GEDs).

These two types of organizations have aligned goals to reduce avoidable hospitalizations, lower cost and enhance patient experience, but more often then not, are unaware of the benefits each can offer the other. The toolkit educates, outlines, and provides these organizations with resources to forge these connections. With four exemplary Value-Based Care Organizations and Geriatric Emergency Departments spanning the nation, the value of establishing communication pathways has become abundantly clear.

Join West Health’s Claire Andrews, MSG and Amy Stuck Amy Stuck PhD, RN as they engage in an in-depth discussion of the pilot project’s outcomes, shedding light on the lessons learned from each member of our esteemed team throughout this process.

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