Investments in Housing for Health and Equity Through Partnership, featuring ProMedica and Green & Healthy Homes Initiative

November 30, 2021

For this peer learning session, our facilitated discussion will focus on the case study brief, Investments in Housing for Health and Equity Through Partnership: ProMedica and the Green & Healthy Homes Initiative.

According to the American Housing Survey, approximately 6 million homes in the US are considered substandard. These poor housing conditions contribute to billions of dollars of preventable health conditions each year. As part of their efforts to improve health outcomes, ProMedica is partnering with the Green & Healthy Homes Initiative to improve housing conditions in seven key communities: Baltimore, Cleveland, Chicago, Detroit, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, and Toledo. Listen in to hear how they are working together with other stakeholders in these communities to improve housing, health, and well-being.

Watch the Session

Featured speakers:

  • Rachel Krausman, VP of National Strategy and Partnerships at ProMedica
  • Ruth Ann Norton, President and CEO of Green & Healthy Homes Initiative