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Extensive Care Center: A Novel Approach to Reducing Emergency Department Visits and Observation Unit Utilization

March 29, 2022 About this Event Arthur Palmer, MD, (Medical Director, Central Ohio Primary Care [...]

Intensive Outpatient Clinic: A VBC Model that Supports High Risk Medicaid

February 15, 2022 About this Event Join Dr. Peter Weir from the University of Utah [...]

A Value Based Program to Reduce Major Adverse Cardiac Events (MACE)

November 2, 2022 About this Event For this webinar, we centered our discussion around Value [...]

Risk Adjustment Drives Equitable Value-Based Care

September 14, 2022 For this webinar, we took a deeper dive into risk adjustment featuring subject [...]

Risk Adjustment and Value: Approaches and Considerations

June 8, 2022 Risk adjustment is an important tool for providers, payers, and other healthcare [...]

Women in Medicine: The Value Proposition of Gender Equity

October 27, 2021 It is well-documented that women in medicine experience substantial inequities in terms [...]

Revealing Value: Price Transparency in Healthcare

September 9, 2021 Listen in to Matt Dale, CEO of Point Health & Dr. Eric [...]

Book Talk with Dr. Robert Pearl

June 22, 2021 During the talk, we discussed his latest novel Uncaring and its deep [...]