Risk Adjustment Drives Equitable Value-Based Care

September 14, 2022

For this webinar, we took a deeper dive into risk adjustment featuring subject matter experts from 3M Health Information Systems!

Anticipating the needs of a population for which there is accountability and associated risk is a primary concern for risk-based provider organizations. It is the foundation for delivering value-based care that will drive down cost and improve outcomes. This is the second part of a series on risk adjustment — the first part being a high-level overview of risk adjustment — this webinar focused on the use of risk adjustment for population health management.

The webinar focused on 3 main points:

  • Increasing your knowledge on how risk adjustment is used for different purposes
  • Understanding how risk adjustment supports equitable value based care payment programs
  • Learning about how different providers have used risk adjustment in support of value based care programs

Featured speakers:

  • Melissa Clarke, MD, CMQ, Senior Medical Director, Healthcare Transformation and Health Equity, 3M Health Information Systems
  • James Vertrees, Manager Business Planning & Development, 3M HCBG Clinical Operations

Check out our open access intelligence brief on this topic, A Primer on Risk Adjustment & Value.

Watch the Session